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"Most of my adult life I have suffered from a multi-symptomatic malaise the source of which was a mystery to me. For roughly a decade, prior to seeing Dr. Patricia Elliott, I bounced from conventional physician to physician, in search of a diagnosis, always being told I was in "good health."

The first time I met Dr. Pat Elliott we established an instant rapport. Here was someone who would finally listen! Someone, who actually took the time to look over my health history in an effort to get to the bottom of my complaints.

Adding the results of extensive testing to her thorough  interviews, Pat came up with a diagnosis that we began to treat. This was followed by subsequent discoveries of other imbalances that we have also treated. Slowly, and gradually, I began to feel better.

I have learned much about my health over the time I have known Dr. Elliott, and have made significant advances towards maintaining good health. Most importantly, I have learned that there is hope, and that if one is willing to work at it then relief can be found."

"I was very sick for more than two years. I could hardly stay awake to do my job and then I would go home and sleep until the next day. I had been to countless doctors and a naturopath. I heard all kinds of things from "it's just stress" to "you must be depressed". While I knew something was physically wrong, no one could tell me what it was or truly take my complaints seriously.

When I saw Pat, she diagnosed the problem very quickly. She showed me through lab tests exactly what was wrong and discussed the options we had for treatment. Pat has always been very validating of my concerns and takes the time to answer my questions so that I can be in control of my own health. Pat never gave up on me, and now my life is very different. I can go to work and still have the energy to enjoy social activities and day to day life."

"I like Dr. Pat Elliott's philosophy of helping patients maintain good health through diet, exercise and a good mental outlook. She has a very balanced outlook on what she, through naturopathy, can do. She was very supportive of me when I sought her help on two important occasions. One when I sought alternative treatment to avoid having a hysterectomy, and the other when I was diagnosed with angina a year ago and told I would probably need angioplasty. With her help and support I decided against angioplasty. I go on long walks, climb hills, reduced my cholesterol over 100 points, and feel stronger and healthier than I have for years."

"I have been a patient of Dr. Pat Elliott for many years. I appreciate her integrity, her intelligence and the use of all the different resources she seeks out to benefit me in my treatment."

"I have been delighted with the care and compassion I receive from Dr. Pat Elliott. It is a treat to be able to sit down with a doctor and discuss at great length not only my personal health care issues but also the principles underlying my treatment and the present state of relevant research.

I turned to naturopathy a year ago when traditional Western medicine could not alleviate a variety of symptoms that had plagued me for several years. Dr. Elliott was able to quickly identify an underlying systemic cause for the seemingly unrelated symptoms. In the past year as we've "fine tuned" my treatment the symptoms have almost totally abated and my energy has increased dramatically."