Dr. Elliott is a state licensed naturopathic physician. After graduating magna cum laude from Western Washington University with a BA in psychology, she attended graduate school at Bastyr University in Seattle and graduated with her doctorate in naturopathic medicine in 1992. She then returned to Bellingham where she has been in private joint practice with her husband, Darcy, since 1993. She specializes in the treatment of chronic health problems such as fatigue, hypo-thyroid, menopause, low sex drive, chronic and recurring infection, autoimmune conditions, low testosterone, blood sugar problems, high cholesterol, depression, digestive problems including gluten intolerance and hormonal disturbances.

Dr. Elliott's expertise in progressive laboratory testing allows her to identify the hidden root causes of the health problems her patient's experience. She utilizes only those therapies which she has personally evaluated to be not only safe but reliably effective for correcting the patient's identified problem. These therapies consist primarily of standardized botanical extracts, therapeutic diets, nutritional supplements and hormonal therapies.

Her scientific approach to the practice of alternative medicine has benefited numerous patients who prior to seeing her had tried many approaches, conventional and alternative, but had given up hope of finding a explanation and solution for their illnesses. Dr. Elliott's specialized practice and limited patient load allow her to remain current on the latest medical research and focus a great deal of personalized attention on each case she sees.

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